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Nursery Footballs

12 Nursery Footballs. Specially designed for the smaller foot. Lighter, smaller, more colouful and softer than the First Touch. A great introductory ball for kids starting to play Football


Coaching Dice – Buy 3, get 1 free

Special Offer for a Limited Time: Buy 3 Dice, get a 4th for free. Free Shipping


GAA Tactical Mat

Set includes: 280x180cm Pitch Mat, 2 sets of 15 coloured markers, Drawstring carry bag and 4 pins for securing to grass. Can be used indoors and outdoors. The Large mat makes it possible for all the team to stand around and discuss tactical scenarios which may arise in matches. Thirty minds are better than one when discussing tactics, so utilise this innovative product to engage and empower your players to take greater ownership and responsibility.


Coaching Dice

Special Offer: FREE SHIPPING* The 3 set Coaching Dice are available for €20 & Free Delivery. Put the power into the players hands with a Warm Up Dice, a Skill Development Dice and an End of Session Fun Dice. Suitable and adaptable for all ages. Limited Stock available.


Nursery Balls Sold Out

Nursery Coaching Book

For anyone coaching in the 4-7 age group. Simple, Fun activities to develop age appropriate skills in both Hurling and Football.


Wall Ball

A pocket size coaching resource for coaches using a Wall Ball, an Astro Turf or an Indoor area with a wall


Go Games Skill Development

Games Based Skill development book for coaches working with the 8-13 age group


50 Games for Youth/Adult Teams

50 Games Based activities for use with Youth/Adult teams.


See links below for ebook version of all our Coaching books

To purchase the 50 Games Based Exercises eBook which will send an electronic download of the Book, click here. Please note: This is not a Hard Copy.

To Purchase the Nursery eBook which will send an electronic download of the book, click here. Please note: This is not a Hard Copy.

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All of our documents that we share on Twitter and Facebook, we have also added to Dropbox and they can be found below under their respective headings. We will update with new resources regularly.

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