Creating a greater understanding of Coaching

Creating a greater understanding of Coaching For a coach in the GAA, there is no right or wrong way of coaching, but there are ways to improve Coaching. A quote from the recent Marvel Blockbuster “Black Panther”, that stuck with me straight away and will forever be one of my mottos in life was: “JustContinue reading “Creating a greater understanding of Coaching”

Coaching the Block Down in Football and Hurling

The Block Down in Football is one of the harder skills to coach effectively. There is a fear factor for children and there is a safety factor that coaches need to be conscious of. A simple method of coaching the Block Down is to break down the skill and coach elements of it over aContinue reading “Coaching the Block Down in Football and Hurling”

What kind of players are you developing?

What kind of players are you developing? As a coach, you have a duty of care to ensure players get a chance to develop to their full potential. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do this to 100%, I don’t think anyone has the complete solution. I, like most other coaches experiment and try newContinue reading “What kind of players are you developing?”