Does your club have a “Coaches Plan”

Does your club have a “Coaches Plan”?Not a ‘Coaching plan’ but a Coaches Plan! Ever self respecting club would have some version of a Player Pathway or Coaching plan in some guise. These plans are invaluable for coaches to stick to a structure and assist less experienced coaches in formulating a plan of what to do,Continue reading “Does your club have a “Coaches Plan””

Planning in GAA (Part 4)

In yesterdays post, i spoke about Short Term Planning and about designing appropriate content for particular times of the year. You can find the post here: In todays final section, i will discuss planning for the here and now, the next session/s. For juvenile teams who only get together once a week, it isContinue reading “Planning in GAA (Part 4)”

Planning in GAA (Part 3)

In yesterdays post, I spoke about the Medium Term Plan and about designating different weights to the different sections. You can find yesterdays blog post here: Today, like yesterday, we are going to break down the the previous plan into another plan which contains more details specific to the individual age group. Today weContinue reading “Planning in GAA (Part 3)”

Planning in GAA (Part 2)

Medium Term Plan In yesterdays blog, we spoke about Long Term Planning which would involve a Club Coaching Plan. It can be found here: Today we will speak about individual plans, which will form sub sections of the Club Coaching Plan. I have identified 5 distinct groupings within the club, each of which hasContinue reading “Planning in GAA (Part 2)”