Ball Wall and using the area

Note: This is a worksheet for a Hurling Ball Wall Workshop The Hurling/Football wall is an excellent piece of infrastructure to assist clubs and mentors in essentially having the ability to train year round. Traditionally, the Hurling Wall has been used as a Drill heavy area where many repetitive exercises are done. There are lotsContinue reading “Ball Wall and using the area”

Coaching the Kick from the non dominant foot

One of the greatest challenges for club coaches is to coach the kick from the non dominant foot. It is a skill that each player needs in their arsenal to ensure they can play to their full potential. Becoming a competent kicker from both feet will double a players options on the field of play.Continue reading “Coaching the Kick from the non dominant foot”

As the year ends, the learning continues

Coaching the GAAme firmly believe that learning and development as a coach is an on-going process and should never end, with opportunities for formal, non-formal and informal learning year round. However, at the end of each season, Coaches are prone to putting all the gear and equipment into the shed and closing the book onContinue reading “As the year ends, the learning continues”