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When does winning become a priority?

When does winning become a priority? In 1884 the GAA was founded by a group of spirited Irishmen who had the foresight to realise the importance of establishing a national organisation to make athletics more accessible to the masses and to revive and nurture traditional, indigenous sports and pastimes. 125 years after its founding, we... Continue Reading →

Developing players, Step by Step

Arsene Wenger once used building a house as a similar method of player development. He said "The basement, you know, the basis of a player, is the technique. You get that between seven and 14 years of age. If you have no technical skill at 14, you can forget it. The first floor is the... Continue Reading →

Natural Learning

Why we should harness individual creativity. For hundreds of years, children played games. These games were never structured, apart from a few rules that were inserted as the games went on. Away from the prying eyes of adults “who knew better”, children harnessed skills that allowed them to prosper at their chosen game. As we... Continue Reading →

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