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Should you hand over control to the kids?

  Control is defined as “the power to influence or direct people’s behaviour or the course of events”. In a coaching context, it is not uncommon to see Coaches “direct behaviour” as opposed to “influence behaviour”. Leaders influence, managers direct. Which one are you? In today’s environment, we see kids playing hours and hours of... Continue Reading →

Parents role in Player Development

An interesting question posed recently to me was "How important is your 1 hour training session to a child's actual development?". And it got me thinking. Let's just use Joe Canning as an example and make a few presumptions on his actual make up as a player. Environments that influence his development: - Home: Time... Continue Reading →

What standards do you set for yourself?

Recently, i had the pleasure to spend a few evenings monitoring different training sessions with 3 different club teams. In nearly each training session, Coaches demanded excellence from their players in every facet of the training session and also away from training. "Make sure you eat right", "Drink plenty of water over the next few... Continue Reading →

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